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About Ashish Yoga Fitness

Message from the founder

Life is a balancing act. Between work, relationships, parental duties, staying fit, academic efforts, maintaining friendships, community involvement and personal fulfillment. It’s a wonder to find someone who is peaceful and happy now-a-days. We soldier forward with all our obligations and commitments because we have to, and in most cases, we want to. But when life gets so hectic the stress of it all impacts our mental and physical well-being. It’s time to take action.

” Yoga is a way of aligning. The geometry of your system with the cosmic geometry. It’s a phenomenal process. This is not a exercise, this is not twist and turns. This is not a stretching. It is about understanding the geometry of our system, a way to harmonize body, mind and the soul. Regular practice of Yoga not only shapes one’s body but also gives shape to his life helping him lead it in a healthy, successful and peaceful way. I believe, “Yoga is a Way of Life”

Profile of Guru Ashish

Ashish is an internationally certified Yoga teacher. He was born in a beautiful village in Orissa. To follow his passion for Yoga, he left his home at a tender age of 12 to Haridwar to gain more expertise in this field. Here, he was introduced to Swami Karamvir Maharaj and had the blessed opportunity as a young boy to be accepted as a disciple by him. He lived with Swamiji and gained the knowledge of Yoga and Meditation at the most ancient Chaitanya Jyothi Ashram, Haridwar, situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga. He also spent a few years in the tutelage of the renowned yoga guru Swami Ramdevji Maharaj in Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar. He not only learned various Yoga styles (Ashtanga Yoga,Hatha Yoga) and Pranayam (Breathing Techniques) but also taught Yoga to children in Gurukul. He learned meditation techniques as well, in Dhyan Mandir, Rishikesh located at the foothills of Himalayas.

He started practicing yoga at a very young age. He has dedicated his life spreading the ancient knowledge of Yoga and Meditation.

He has transformed lives of many people through his teachings in Bangalore and various other cities in India since 2006.

Ashish has added a new dimension to Yoga by blending traditional knowledge with a modern approach. By making his Yoga Fitness Classes more enjoyable for all age groups, he helps them gain physical and mental fitness.

He has expertise in different styles of Yoga, namely, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga , Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Yoga and ttc training.

Awards and Achievements

  • Rashtriya Ratna Award by Governers in Delhi in 2011
  • Bharath Vikas Ratna Award organised by Akhila Bharti Kannada Patrika under Visweraya Trust.
  • Karnataka Vikas Ratna Award organised by Akhila Bharati Kannada Patrika under Viswarya Trust .
  • Yoga Rathna Award by Shiva Jyothi Yoga Kendra and AadithyaSai Yoga Kendra in 2015.
  • Winner of 18 gold medals, Expert in 21 styles of Yoga with over a decade of experience.

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