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The challenges can not be decreased we have to find a way to increase our energy in a holistic healthy way and the solution is YOGA.
Yoga is proven to not just make you physically fit but also to make you mentally strong ,

  • Keep you peaceful,Release Stress,
  • Improve immunity ,better flexibility and posture,
  • Help create better relationships,
  • Increases awareness and thus help
  • Create a better quality of Life.

15 Forms of Yoga

Our efficient 1 hour yoga and fitness workout is targeted towards each muscle group in the body to
give to the best results.

Benefits of Yoga


Strength Building

Stress Relief

Relax & Refresh

Beauty of Body

Mind & Soul



Hours Course

Forms of Yoga


I had joined yoga last year with Tennis elbow problem and Weight loss.
Now it’s been a year i am completely recovered from Tennis elbow and losing weight every day. I can see a lot of changes in my soul and mind and I would really appreciate our sir and ma’am for teaching different types of Asanas explains it’s importance and benefits. I am blessed to do yoga with an excellent team.
Thank you Ashish Yoga Fitness

Tajas Gowda

Very good place to learn yoga. Very experienced yoga teacher. Along with yogasanas , good exercises for weight reduction. I had good results in weight reduction. Along with yoga , diet and health tips. I am going to this centre from past 1 year. Very very good centre and All Teachers 🙏

Nidhi Gupta

Asana are planned very neatly across the week. Before joining “Ashish Yoga”, I was often falling sick (high fever, wheezing and back pain). With help of AYF Teachers and regular practice it has helped me develop good immune system. Everyday different Style classes and valuable tips that can be adopted easily by any individual to improve quality of living. I would strongly recommend to join “Ashish Yoga” for better “health, wealth and prosperity”

Revathi Arya

It is very nice place to learn yoga. All the teachers have their own style and they teach well to everyone. You get access to different form of yoga, pranayam and kriya classes in a nominal price. Students are limited to 10-12 per batch so everyone gets good attention and guidance during the classes. I stopped going gym after started yoga here and found equally challenging and relaxing. It’s a best place in AECS layout for yoga.

Hemant Vishwakarma

The yoga Instructors are really good and have good knowledge and teach the yoga with individual attention.
The centre is easy accessible and timing is very flexible, you can attend any timing and the center has good amount of space and it’s maintained clean.👍

Somya Redy

Stay Young with Yoga !

Stay Young with Yoga !

Stay Young with Yoga !